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Reliable Medical Transportation Services


One very common problem why there are a lot of people who tend to neglect their medical appointments is the lack of access to quality transportation services. At White Horse Medical Transportation, we offer reliable NEMT Services in Phoenix, Arizona designed to help people have easy access to their medical transportation needs.

Our services are open to Medical transportation services tailored to fit all our client’s needs. We offer Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, which is open for everyone who needs it. If you have a physical disability and require assistive medical equipment, such as a wheelchair, we can provide it.

Our Medical Appointments Transportation services provide you assistance who can accompany you during your doctor’s visit and other medical appointments. Our transportation services are also flexible. Client’s who want to stop by a pharmacy to get their prescriptions after visiting their doctors can do so, all you need is to give us a heads up.

Transportation remains a problem to many, especially the senior population when it comes to their medical needs. Know that we are the right people that you can call and rely on when it comes to these matters.

Choose our medical Transportation Services in Arizona today. To know more, we keep our lines open to accommodate your concerns.

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