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Your Travel Buddy Wherever You Go


Thousands of years ago, people began to recognize the significance of transportation from easier and faster traveling to safer transport. When people realized how useful transportation is to human welfare, transportation services all around the world started to sprout here and there. Nonetheless, White Horse Medical Transportation is highly recognized as one of the best providers of NEMT Services in Phoenix, Arizona

Why? This non-emergency medical transportation is dedicated to aid your travels from your departure to arrival. We are amenable for every experience you will have during your travel so we ensure that we arrive on time on your destinations, may it be in hospitals to attend to your doctor’s appointment, pharmacy to pick up your medication, or sending you back at home using our thoroughly sanitized and well-maintained vehicles. 

With this provider of transportation services in Arizona, you can trust that your travels are safe, swift, and at your utmost comfort. You can rely on our well-trained and compassionate drivers. They:

  • can be trusted because they are carefully picked based on our qualifications and they underwent intensive training
  • are experts with medical background in performing CPR and first-aid
  • can be called friends whom you can engage in a light conversation with
  • are well-mannered
  • are always prepared in giving updates to the contact person in their clients’ respective destinations regarding delays, traffic, and other unforeseen events during travels

With our efficient transportation services, you are confident that your travels are hassle-free, and the mood depends on your request and special needs.

We have withstood years of service since 2014 as a NEMT provider because we value your time, attention, and lives. We are looking forward to more experiences we will share. For you, we will take the wheel!

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