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Reasons to Use Non-Emergency Medical Transportation


For individuals living with disabilities or limited mobility, traveling to and from places can be challenging. However, traveling from your home to medical appointments and back should be convenient and reliable. When your circumstances or condition hinders you from receiving medical care, non-emergency medical transportation is an excellent option.

As a trusted provider of non-emergency transportation services in Arizona, we will discuss the reasons why you should use NEMT services:

  • NEMT provides door-to-door transportation.
    Non-emergency transportation can provide door-to-door transportation depending on the client’s needs. This is especially useful for clients with mobility issues who use walkers, canes, or wheelchairs. NEMT providers use vehicles that are equipped with features that can safely transport passengers and have trained drivers who can offer assistance when necessary.
  • NEMT increases access to health care.
    Numerous individuals do not have access to health care due to a lack of transportation. Some may have medical conditions that make them unfit to drive while others have physical or mental disabilities that make it challenging to use public transportation. A NEMT provider increases access to medical care by transporting passengers safely to their appointments.
  • NEMT is accessible and convenient.
    NEMT services are easy to book and arrange depending on your needs. This makes it a convenient option as you can book the transportation service in advance to make sure you don’t miss appointments. In addition to private payments, many NEMT services are also covered by insurance and other health plans.

White Horse Medical Transportation is a trusted provider of NEMT services in Phoenix, Arizona. We are an AHCCCS certified transportation provider for American Indian Health Plan patients and ALTCS patients with referrals from caseworkers. Request a free estimate of our services or contact us for inquiries regarding our services.

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