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Achieve and Maintain Great Eye Health With Our Help


They say that the eyes are the soul’s windows, which is true. Still, it is also the window that leads us to witness the wonders of the world: the bright blue skies, the changing colors of the leaves, the transition from day to night; we see the beauty of life through our eyes and White Horse Medical Transportation wants to help you keep it that way through our NEMT services in Phoenix, Arizona.

We offer our transportation services in Arizona with the goal that we will take you to and from your destination in an efficient manner. Here, we ensure that you feel comfortable and safe while we take you to necessary appointments, such as getting your eyes checked by an eye care specialist.

As we take you to your medical arrangements or schedules through our healthcare facilities transportation services, we are also here to remind you that achieving and maintaining excellent eye health requires effort and proper care. With that, here are tips on how you can take care of your eyes:

  • Keep your contact lenses and hands clean at all times

    Washing your hands thoroughly before you put in or take out your contact lenses is a must to prevent infection.

  • Wear sunglasses

    They are a stylish accessory that does more because they protect your eyes from the sun!

  • Rest your eyes

    Spending much time facing a computer screen can cause eye strain. Look away every 20 minutes at about a 20-foot distance for at least 20 seconds.

Whether or not your eyes need contact lenses and eyeglasses, getting checked by an optometrist is best to ensure you stay in good health. Contact us for more details on our non-emergency medical transportation services!


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