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Keep Your Loved One Safe With the Right Medication


Thanks to the brilliant minds of pharmaceutical scientists, we have medications, and they play an essential role in our lives because they help maintain and improve our health. Medications have truly transformed healthcare by bringing a positive impact on our quality of life.

If you are taking care of an aging loved one, you are in charge of their overall well-being, which involves managing their medications. Older people have a hard time taking their medications or even remembering them at all, which can cause health complications. As a provider of non-emergency medical transportation, we are giving you tips on how to keep your loved one safe:

  • Ask for your loved one’s current list of medication from their healthcare provider

    This allows you to check if each prescription bottle matches the list.

  • Inquire about medication management services

    Many pharmacies offer individual dose packaging options for better management of daily medications.

  • Request digital access to your loved one’s medical records

    This will help you stay in contact with their healthcare provider or pharmacist.

  • Seek a pharmacist’s advice on vitamins and supplements

    Specific vitamins and supplements can cause interaction concerns with your loved one’s medications.

A time may come when you will need to schedule an appointment with a pharmacist for a thorough review of your loved one’s medications. We are ready to provide a safe journey to and from your home through pharmacy pick ups transportation!

Through our transportation services in Arizona, we will offer you a comfortable and convenient means of getting to your destination. We are ready to serve whenever needed because we are available 24/7!

Regarding NEMT Services in Phoenix, Arizona, White Horse Medical Transportation is the one you can trust. For quality transportation, call us today!


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