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The Top Traits of An NEMT Driver


When looking for medical transportation, more and more people choose NEMT services. Besides its accessibility and convenience, NEMT also has professional drivers and a medical team to monitor and look after your loved ones while on the drive. A good driver ensures patient safety. Check out the top qualities of an NEMT driver below.

  • Punctual and has a good driving record

    Punctuality is a must for non-emergency medical transportation drivers. When a NEMT driver is punctual, clients will have the impression they have a clean driving record and put their client’s needs first. A reliable driver will ensure that the travel is smooth and safe!

  • Clean, well-groomed, and knowledgeable

    A reliable driver of NEMT transportation services in Arizona must be clean and knowledgeable about his destination. When a driver comes well-groomed and well-informed, it tells a lot about his character. Family members feel confident about their loved one’s safety when a driver is dependable.

  • Polite and friendly

    Patients will feel valuable and secure when a driver is polite and friendly. That’s why pay attention to the driver if they show concern and sympathy to the patient. Most NEMT companies make their drivers focus on quality customer service and care.

Are you looking for NEMT services in Phoenix, ArizonaWhite Horse Medical Transportation is here to serve you! Our drivers are CPR and first aid certified backed with experience! This way, you can rest easy knowing that you are in capable hands. We will transport you to and from destinations safely and on time so you will never face the hassle of waiting for a cab and coming in late for your appointments. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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