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The Beauty of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation


Emergencies require utmost speed and precision to avoid worsening the victim’s current state. There is no time to lose; both the paramedics and the ones in need are in a race against time, which shouldn’t put non-emergency medical assistance be put on the back burner, however. It is equally as important and can be enough of a problem for people who do not know Non-Emergency Medical Transportation even exists. 

White Horse Medical Transportation offers solutions for this exact problem, and we have several services that people of all ages, genders, and races can benefit from and enjoy:

  • Medical Transportation
    Everyone has the right to medical assistance, emergencies aside. You don’t have to rush yourself to clinics and hospitals for the professionals to take your issue seriously and for them to attend to you like every other patient in the institution. Here, we provide medical transportation when you can’t head to your check-up on your own.
  • Pharmacy Pick Ups Transportation
    Not only do we provide transportation for patients, but we also offer pharmacy pick-ups. We are one of the transportation services in Arizona designed to attend to non-emergency patients who require medical assistance from the safety in their homes to getting the quality medical care their body needs.

We are a competitive, capable, and compassionate service provider. We ensure that your every request and appointment is completed with utmost safety and congeniality. If you are looking for NEMT services in Phoenix, Arizona, look no further.

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