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Ensuring Safe Transportation to Dialysis Centers


Dialysis is a crucial treatment for many Arizonans, but getting to and from appointments can be a challenge. Here at White Horse Medical Transportation, we understand the importance of reliable and comfortable transportation, especially for those with ongoing medical needs. That’s why we’re proud to offer NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) services, specifically designed to ensure a safe and stress-free journey to your dialysis center.

Many patients rely on public transportation services in Arizona, but these options may not always be ideal for dialysis appointments. You can benefit from the peace of mind that comes with personalized medical transportation. Our vehicles are well-maintained and spacious, allowing for a comfortable ride. Additionally, our friendly and professional drivers are trained to assist with any needs you may have, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience.

We offer non-emergency medical transportation, catering to a variety of medical needs, including dialysis appointments. Our services are flexible and can be scheduled in advance to fit your specific treatment schedule. Whether you need a one-time ride or ongoing transportation, a reliable NEMT provider can help.

Here’s what makes White Horse Medical Transportation the perfect choice for your dialysis transportation needs:

  • Reliable and on-time service: We understand the importance of arriving on schedule for your dialysis appointment. You can count on us to get you there safely and efficiently.
  • Comfortable and spacious vehicles: Our vehicles are well-maintained and offer ample space for a relaxing ride.
  • Trained and caring drivers: Our drivers are courteous, professional, and trained to assist with any needs you may have.
  • Flexible scheduling: We can accommodate your specific treatment schedule, whether you need a one-time ride or ongoing transportation.

Don’t let transportation be a barrier to your important dialysis treatments. Contact us today to schedule your ride. Call us at 844-878-8962 to learn more about our NEMT services in Phoenix, Arizona.

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